Teach like a pre-school teacher!

What do I mean by this? De-escalate, use humor, teach to the core systems and KEEP CALM! So much of what I learned about good teaching was learned through my years teaching at the pre-school level. 


Distraction is key here. Yes, with little guys, this is so much easier than with middle schoolers. But there is almost always something you can add to the conversation to defuse an escalating situation.


Be dramatic! Tell jokes! Make fun of yourself! Most of all, have fun! Show funny videos. 


Students respond when they are engaged at their core systems - vestibular, proprioceptive and spatial awareness.


Remember to breath. Avoid becoming a teapot that's coming to a boil and ready to scream! Have a spot to go in your classroom, your safe spot. I used to have a sensory station in my classroom called "Australia", based on the book, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". You know it - he wants to go to Australia since he's having such a bad day! All of us have bad days, bad moments. Keep a picture in your room that can remind you of happier times, even it's Australia!